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Short NDT Courses and Distance Learning


NDT Approach: Postural Control for UE and LE Function

Facilitating Transitional Movements Effectively:
An NDT Perspective

Management of Upper Extremity Neurological Problems
using NDT

NDT: Exploring Postural Control
with an Emphasis on Upright Function
and Gait

Building a Strong Foundation:
Optimizing Function of the Whole Body
Using the NDT Approach

Courses are currently being scheduled
for 2021.

For additional
information contact: diamondpt@aol.com
Tentative course locations include:

Indianapolis, Indiana
Fall of 2022

Chicago, Illinois
Spring of 2023

Miami, Florida
Spring of 2023

Monica Diamond PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT
NDTA Coordinator Instructor is the primary instructor for these courses.
Additional instructors and assistants
will be included as appropriate.

Distance Learning and CEU Opportunities through the NDTA:

It All Matters! Managing Components of Postural Control and Function (21DLV102) – Video

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Kris Gellert, OTR/L, C/NDT

Practice Makes Perfect:  Designing Home Programs That Work – Video

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Looking Forward: Progressing Interventions for the Individual with Severe Involvement – Video

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Kris Gellert, OTR/L, C/NDT

Challenges and Opportunities: Using the NDT Framework for Patients with Severe Involvement – Article

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Kris Gellert, OTR/L, C/NDT

Takashi Misuda PT, DPT, NCS, C/NDT

Designing Effective Home Programs – Article

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Click here for additional distance learning opportunities through the NDTA.


The instructor for the short courses listed above is Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

  • Certified NDTA Basic and Advanced course Coordinator Instructor

  • Skilled NDTA Instructor with 30+ years experience teaching

  • Currently teaching and treating patients in the clinic

To bring a course to your facility, contact:


Feedback from Short Course Participants

  • Very practical, instructor excellent, very knowledgable.
  • Instructor was great, able to present information very clearly and answered questions well.  A+++ teacher!!
  • Monica was a great presenter.  Very clear and concise. I liked the way she explained things simply & also worked her way around the room to help you learn proper placement of hands and learn the technique.
  • Very informative with a good mixture of lecture and hands-on that gave me treatments that I can immediately use with patients in my caseload.  I would highly  recommend this course to my co-workers.
  • Dynamic instructor.  Presentation was thorough, comprehensive, applicable and interesting. One of the best ones I have attended!
  • I had a lot of fun and learned a lot!  Thanks!
  • Truly enjoyed the course.  Very helpful and will change and improve my treatment approach.
  • It was a well organized, thorough and information packed overview course of a complicated treatment approach.
  • Ms. Diamond is an excellent instructor – concise, caring.
  • Instructor answered all questions and fun to watch and listen to.
  • The instructor is a very knowledgable therapist with a wealth of information to convey.  This course will definitely improve and change the way I treat neuro patients.
  • The speaker was extremely knowledgeable; easy to follow; great handout book.  The video clips were very helpful.
  • Your organization and practice thinking through patient cases helped tremendously.  Pictures in the handout are great too. Thanks!
  • It’s rare to find an instructor who is not only knowledgable, but also able to share that knowledge effectively – thank you!

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