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Calendar - 2019






NDT Approach: Postural Control for UE and LE Function



May 4-5, 2019

Washington, DC




NDT Approach: Postural Control for UE and LE Function


Short Course August 12-14, 2019


Congress - August 15-17, 2019


Cali, Columbia





NDT:  Exploring Postural Control with an Emphasis on Upright Function and Gait




September 28-29, 2019

Salem Health

Salem, Oregon



This course is a self-contained course.  Contact the facility to see if spots are available for ourside participants.



“Management of Upper Extremity Neurological Problems using NDT”


Lansing, Michigan




Click here for the Online Information and Registration for this course.


Building a Strong Foundation: Optimizing Function of the Whole Body Using the NDT Approach


October, 2019 ?

San Antonio, Texas



Additional courses are currently being scheduled

for 2019


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Distance Learning and CEU Opportunities through the NDTA:

Practice Makes Perfect:  Designing Home Programs That Work - Video

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT


Looking Forward: Progressing Interventions for the Individual with Severe Involvement - Video

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Kris Gellert, OTR/L, C/NDT


Challenges and Opportunities: Using the NDT Framework for Patients with Severe Involvement - Article

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

Kris Gellert, OTR/L, C/NDT

Takashi Misuda PT, DPT, NCS, C/NDT


Designing Effective Home Programs - Article

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT


Click here for additional distance learning opportunities through the NDTA.




The instructor for the short courses listed above is

Monica Diamond, PT, MS, NCS, C/NDT

  • Certified NDTA Basic and Advanced course Coordinator Instructor

  • Skilled NDTA Instructor with 30+ years experience teaching

  • Currently teaching and treating patients in the clinic

To bring a course to your facility, contact:


    Feedback from Short Course Participants:


  • Very practical, instructor excellent, very knowledgable.
  • Instructor was great, able to present information very clearly and answered questions well.  A+++ teacher!!
  • Monica was a great presenter.  Very clear and concise. I liked the way she explained things simply & also worked her way around the room to help you learn proper placement of hands and learn the technique.
  • Very informative with a good mixture of lecture and hands-on that gave me treatments that I can immediately use with patients in my caseload.  I would highly  recommend this course to my co-workers.
  • Dynamic instructor.  Presentation was thorough, comprehensive, applicable and interesting. One of the best ones I have attended!
  • I had a lot of fun and learned a lot!  Thanks!
  • Truly enjoyed the course.  Very helpful and will change and improve my treatment approach.
  • It was a well organized, thorough and information packed overview course of a complicated treatment approach.
  • Ms. Diamond is an excellent instructor - concise, caring.
  • Instructor answered all questions and fun to watch and listen to.
  • The instructor is a very knowledgable therapist with a wealth of information to convey.  This course will definitely improve and change the way I treat neuro patients.
  • The speaker was extremely knowledgeable; easy to follow; great handout book.  The video clips were very helpful.
  • Your organization and practice thinking through patient cases helped tremendously.  Pictures in the handout are great too. Thanks!
  • It's rare to find an instructor who is not only knowledgable, but also able to share that knowledge effectively - thank you!


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